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About Dedicate a Day of Learning

Dedicate a day of learning and Mitzvos of the entire Preschool, Elementary, or High School department at Bnos Menachem School for Girls on any day of your choice. This is a meaningful way to recognize or celebrate a day that’s special to you and your family. It may be a birthday, an engagement, a yartzeit, for a complete recovery, or any other occasion. It will be a great z’chus (merit) to have our students recite blessings, prayers and learning in honor or memory of a loved one.

When a Day of Learning is sponsored, a personalized sign with the dedication is featured at the entrance of the Bnos Menachem Building.


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*Disclaimer: In the event that school is not in session on the day you would like to dedicate a day of learning, (such as Shabbos, Yom Tov, school breaks, etc.), or is unavailable, we will give you the closest day to the one you chose to dedicate.

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